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ENX, the automotive extranet

Face to the needs of communications between the different partners of the automotive industry (manufacturers, equipment suppliers...) which increase more and more, a specific extranet dedicated to this industry has been developed: ENX (European Network eXchange).

This extranet accelerates, develops and standardizes the division and the exchanges between the various actors of this sector. Indeed, ENX provides a common platform of communication. Global, open and secured, this platform allows to exchange any type of application : from CAD files - at the base of this extranet – to EDI files and interactive applications...

What differentiates ENX network from public access Internet?

  • PERFORMANCE: minimal response time, maximum flow, and error rate limited by the operator.
  • AVAILABILITY: the operators accredited by ENX network guarantee the availability of the network in order to offer a solution to all partners.
  • SAFETY: The virtual private networks (VPN) increase considerably the network safety. ENX proposes a virtual private network (VPN) on the layer network (IP).
    • Authentification (identification of the shipper and of the recipient),
    • Integrity (the data are encrypted),
    • Confidentiality (of the data cannot be read by others).

For interconnections, ENX extranet uses Frame Relay networks, ISDN, and IP which guarantee the speed of the band-width - availability, safety and quality of the connection services.

To have more information, consult web sites of the official organizations of
ENX network:




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